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Memorial Park Golf Course/ Houston Open FAQ's

1.  Are there discussions regarding Memorial Park Golf Course hosting a PGA Tour Event?
There are currently discussions between the City of Houston (COH) and the Astros Golf Foundation (AGF) regarding renovating Memorial Park Golf Course in order to host a PGA Tour event. Astros Golf Foundation is proposing to raise private funds to pay for the renovation. If approved, Astros Golf Foundation would host the Houston Open at Memorial Park Golf Course beginning in October of 2020.
2.  What will City Council be considering?

     Two items will be brought to the Quality of Life Committee and then to City Council for their consideration:

  • A Development and Construction Agreement to allow the Astros Golf Foundation to renovate Memorial Park Golf Course. The City of  Houston,  Astros Golf Foundation and Memorial Park Conservancy are parties to the proposed agreement.
  • A non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the use of Memorial Park Golf Course for the Houston Open, a PGA Tour sanctioned golf tournament. The City of Houston and Astros Golf Foundation are parties to the proposed non-binding MOU. A final agreement would be presented in 2019 once all the details are worked out.
3.  Who would pay the cost of the course renovation?
If the two agreements involving the City of Houston, Memorial Park Conservancy and the Astros Golf Foundation are approved by City Council, Astros Golf Foundation would raise private funds to pay for the cost of the renovation.
4.  What is the timing of events related to this project?
  • · Wed., Nov. 28, 2018 – Quality of Life Committee Presentation
  • · Dec., 2018 – Presentation to Houston City Council for consideration
  • · Jan., 2019 – Construction of Memorial Park Golf Course begins
  • · Oct., 2019 – Grand Opening of Renovated Memorial Park Golf Course
  • · Oct., 2020 – Houston Open held at Memorial Park Golf Course
5.  If the course is shut down for reconstruction, where can golfers play until it re-opens?
 While Memorial Park Golf Course is closed for renovations, there are four municipal golf courses available to play during that time frame: 
  • · Hermann Park Golf Course (2155 MacGregor Way, Houston TX 77030)
  • · Sharpstown Park Golf Course (6600 Harbor Town Drive, Houston, TX 77036)
  • · Gus Wortham Park Golf Course (7000 Capitol Street, Houston, TX 77011)
  • · Melrose Park Golf Course - Par 3 course – (401 East Canino Road, Houston TX 77076)
       These golf courses are conveniently located on the west, central, east and north sides of Houston.
6.  Would the newly renovated golf course result in a price increase for the public golfer?
No, the fees at Memorial Park Golf Course will not increase as a result of this privately funded renovation.
There have been separate discussions concerning a fee increase for all Houston municipal golf courses to bring the rates in line with municipal courses in other major cities in Texas. Those discussions are unrelated to the Memorial Park Golf Course project.
7.  Why is this good for the golfers?
Golfers would benefit by being able to play on a newly renovated golf course designed by a worldrenowned golf course architect. The renovated course would offer premier turf conditions using new turf grass varieties, new bunker liners, improved course aesthetics and playability, and a state-of-the-art irrigation system to capture stormwater for course irrigation reuse.
8.  Why is this good for the City?
  • $1 million per year in direct compensation for the use of Memorial Park Golf Coursefor the Houston Open
  • $10 million renovation of Memorial Park Golf Course and $2 million state of the art maintenance facility paid with private funds raised by the Astros Golf Foundation
  • A return of the Houston Open to the City of Houston and a significant economic impact to local businesses.

Memorial Park Golf Course Drone Videos

2 Drone videos of Memorial Park Golf Course