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Memorial Park Lottery

Welcome to the Memorial Park Lottery portion of the tee time system.
The lottery runs 4 days out at 6a.m. You may sign up for the lottery 5-6 days out. Memorial Park is closed on Tuesdays.
If you are new to the system please call the live call center the first time. They will create your account and get you signed up for the lottery. 
The number is 866-256-6688.
If you do have a login already the system is easy to use. Simply login online. It will ask you to choose a date, the time you would like to play, and the window of time you can play. If members of your group are already signed up for the lottery you can enter them in to your request. Your lottery chances are better the more players you have identified in your group. If your players are not in system simply put your id in for the remaining members of the group. The lottery will run 4 days out at 6a.m. You will receive an email with your lottery results.